5 things to do in ny this week: from the prettiots to jake gyllenhaal’s brain

Here are our top five picks of what you need to see, hear and do in NYC this week.

by Courtney Iseman
16 March 2015, 4:15pm

Photography Michael Hauptman

Jake Gyllenhaal Discusses His Dreams
Currently starring in Constellations on Broadway, Jake Gyllenhaal takes to a very different kind of stage to give us a look inside his brain. For this lecture event at the Rubin Museum of Art, he'll be interviewed by Morgan Cerf, a professor of neuroscience. Cerf will be asking questions that pull out what's going when Gyllenhaal dreams, which he will translate into an explanation of the actor's brain activity. If you're going to learn about dreams and what they mean for our brains, there can't be a better subject to start studying than Gyllenhaal.

Monday, March 16 at 7:30PM, The Rubin Museum of Art, 150 West 17th Street.

Used Gravitrons Art Journal Fifth Anniversary Party
Used Gravitrons is a literature, poetry, art and music journal that even those in the underground zine scene recognize as unique and offbeat. Some of the most intriguingly odd creative works out there can be found in the pages of its 19 issues, and UG wants to celebrate. For its fifth anniversary, the journal will be throwing a free party at Pete's Candy Store, where there will be readings and brief performances. The organizers allude to the presence of cake and cookies, but either way, there will be mind-bending literature and alcohol.

Thursday, March 19 at 7PM, Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn.

The Idiots by Lars von Trier
Lars von Trier challenges his audiences with intense examinations of society that often push the boundaries of what people are comfortable with, but in an exciting way. His film The Idiots, about a group of Danish adults who decide to abandon their inhibitions and channel their "inner idiot," is one of the first feature films to be shot on digital cameras, and is being shown as part of the Museum of Art and Design's "Dogme 95" series. The series commemorates the manifesto von Trier and several other filmmakers created to strip film down to its truest sense with a ban on special effects.

Friday, March 20 at 7PM, Museum of Art and Design, 2 Columbus Circle.

San Cisco and The Prettiots
Australian band San Cisco has been humming along as an under-the-radar favorite for the past few years. Their sound has been described as a cross between Vampire Weekend and the Arctic Monkeys, and since then their infectious single "Awkward" has garnered them a solid fan base. They'll take the stage at Baby's All Right along with The Prettiots, a trio of  NYC-based babes with a wide-ranging arsenal of musical influence and their own dreamy sound.

Sunday, March 22 at 8PM, Baby's All Right, 146 Broadway, Brooklyn.

Meredith Monk at Carnegie Hall
Iconic multidisciplinary artist Meredith Monk has made a huge impact in the worlds of music, dance and film with her revolutionary work, even inventing groundbreaking vocal techniques. Equally major artists like Björk name Monk as an influence, and many know her work well even if they're not entirely familiar with the woman herself. Her residency at Carnegie Hall is the perfect time to get to know her. In celebration of 50 years creating and composing, Monk will present a night of performances from her vocal ensemble as well as guests including classical and jazz musicians and DJs.

Sunday, March 22 at 3PM, Carnegie Hall, 154 West 57th Street.


Text Courtney Iseman
Photography Michael Hauptman
[The Music Issue, No.335, Pre-Spring 2015]

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