Photography Liz Johnson Artur

miss jason: the internet tv host infiltrating london’s hippest party scenes

The best thing on the internet is not an egg. It’s YouTube sensation Miss Jason.

by Matthew Whitehouse
17 January 2019, 1:00pm

Photography Liz Johnson Artur

Miss Jason is the YouTube sensation infiltrating London’s hippest party scenes. His show, Jason’s Closet, is an “obnoxious, loud and very ‘out there’ web-series” that gives viewers a peek into the capital’s most happening club nights. If you can imagine American talk show host Wendy Williams on a pinger at Bar A Bar, you’re about a tenth of the way there.

Mad, fab and genuinely funny, what we love about Miss Jason is that he ‘gets it’. He gets that clubbing is literally the single greatest thing you can do with your time. He gets that club kid style is not something to be studied like a dusty old anthropologist, but lived and breathed (and then lived and breathed some more). What he has can’t be taught. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn't try and learn.

We last saw Miss Jason when he was clomping around at this month’s Fashion East show in an orange wig, attempting to coax Harrie Bradshaw and Reba Maybury into what he calls a “H2T” -- a head to toe camera shot reserved for the show’s biggest personalities. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could premiere that episode on i-D,” we thought to ourselves. And, look at that, here it is.

Hello Miss Jason! Give three words to describe your style.
Cheap, fluid and greezy.

What item of clothing have you worn more than any other?
It’s either my ASAI Hot Wok top or my faux True Religion dungarees (mostly worn together, see Hackney Carnival episode).

What’s the best piece of jewellery you own?
Tbh I think it’s every earring Mischa Notcutt has fashioned on to me. Crystals dah-ling, Swarovski crystals!

Have you ever lost a piece of clothing that you’d really like to get back?
Omg yes! My BBC jacket that was kidnapped in broad nightlight. Please contact your good sis (me) if found!

How often do you change your socks?
Every day. I sometimes carry spares if I know the party will carry on longer than expected *raises eyebrows* *winks*.

Who would win in a fight between Fashion East’s Robyn Lynch, Mowalola and Stefan Cooke?
Well I think Fashion East tends to move as a unit, so if the girls are fighting, they’re fighting together, kinda like Power Rangers or Totally Spies.

What do you talk about with your hairdresser?
Well she’s one of my good friends so pretty much everything, the deepest darkest depths of every darkroom secret. I’m sure Virginie P Moreira will tell you herself. She’s heard it all!

Who’s had the biggest influence on your life?
Probably my close friends. My circle is so full of talent and inspiration right now it’s hard not be affected. Also Wendy Williams (mother dearest) will forever be a source of light.

What’s your personal motto?
“Bottle ah break darlin” (check out episode one to see the first time I uttered it). It can mean whatever you want it to but for me and my friends it now gets screamed out when we’re celebrating achievements.

Who’s the most famous person in your phone book?
Carrie Stacks, AKA Larry B, my sister and living legend! So ‘Hollywood’ now that it’s difficult to get a call back lol.

If you could swap places with anyone in the world, who would it be?
At this current moment, absolutely nobody! I actually like myself a lot, I’m quite fab.

If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be?
Samantha James AKA Cookie Tookie, “The number one internet sensation in the world”, as she likes to say. To me she’s the biggest celebrity of them all, she’s who I got the term “smooches and smooches” from!

Do you read your YouTube comments?
Omg yes! I know eventually I’m going to be hiding from them but for now they’ve been so positive, even on the episodes where I’ve explored scenes I’ve always judged as being slightly ‘iffy’! I’m so proud of the response Jason’s Closet is getting! The support is amazing!

What would you call your life story?
Luckily I’ve been deluded for over 10 years and have thought about this many times! It’s either Memoirs of a Gay-sha, from Rags to Gags or Miss Jason (like Beyoncé).

What is fashion for?
Absolutely everyone and everything -- freaks, geeks, minimalists, optimists, cats, dogs, cars, keychains, food -- everything.

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