Photography by Daphne Nguyen

this year’s australian fashion week celebrated community

The who, what and where of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018.

by i-D Team
23 May 2018, 4:19am

Photography by Daphne Nguyen

Each year Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia serves as a magnet, drawing together creative minds from the fashion chain. It rallies models, stylists, hair and makeup, writers, photographers, influencers and the business community, who come together for a week to share work and ideas in a united front. This year, opening with Camilla and Marc and closing with kaftan queen Camilla, MBFWA was all about its strong community. As brands like Ellery make the inevitable transition overseas to bigger markets, it was up to the younger labels to burst onto the schedule and create a new energy.

That energy made itself known through fresh faces and fun parties. There was an i-D rave beneath a church, an elaborate underground Romance Was Born dinner, Emma Mulholland launching a new zine and even an off-schedule closing party that evidently had its roof torn off. Throughout the week toasts were made, faces were air kissed and heels were flicked in a showing of support for the fashion community.

Overall there was a humbling common sense to MBFWA this year that felt uniquely Australian. Yes, other fashion weeks from around the world are going to get more attention — but Australia knows that and relishes in it. It’s our week and we’re going to celebrate. It might only last for a moment but, in an industry that moves as fast as fashion, we’ll take all the moments we can get.

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia