tom ford named a new lipstick after cardi b

But good luck getting it, according to Cardi it's already sold out.

by i-D Team
10 September 2018, 7:38am

via Instagram

Surely at this point we're all fairly aware that Cardi B's been having a busy time at New York Fashion Week. She's got a lot on her plate and her mind. Well, one of the many projects that will highlight a memorable week for Cardi is her new namesake Tom Ford lipstick.

As if sitting front row at Tom Ford's latest show wasn't enough of an honor, the rapper also been immortalized with her own Tom Ford lipstick. Dubbed 'Cardi' the metallic blue shade is a standout in the Boys & Girls lipstick range in which all of the colors are named after women (and some men) that the Tom Ford admires. The list includes intimate friends and collaborators from around the world with some names that might ring a bell. Naomi, Gal, Uma, Cristiano, and Armie, for example.

Being the prolific Instagram user that she is, Cardi shared a post from the new Tom Ford Beauty account announcing the honorary color. She then followed up with another post announcing the lipstick had since sold out, just eleven hours later. Hopefully she keeps us updated on a restock too.

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