harry styles has made the most clickable video in the world. ever.

If you like cake, puppies, Harry Styles, Gucci and, erm, Kiwis.

by Georgie Wright
08 November 2017, 3:56pm

Everyone loves cake. Everyone loves food fights. Everyone loves puppies. Everyone loves cool young kids doing badass things (see : Stranger Things). Everyone loves Harry Styles. Everyone loves kiwis (I think, I hope, I am a kiwi so I am biased).

Wrap all of this up in a miniature Gucci suit and what do you get? Harry Styles's new kid-riddled, jam-drenched, puppy-populated video for Kiwi, the Number One Banger™ off his album.

Plot: a bunch of kids assemble around a large mound of baked goods in a school hall. Chaos ensues. Harry Styles comes in like a cool headmaster-type and unleashes a bunch of puppies. Chaos escalates. Harry Styles smirks. We pass out.

Note: "No children or animals were harmed in the making of this film."

All click friendly elements aside, it's actually a really good video. It's really refreshing to see a cast as diverse as this one -- just a bunch of different kids from different backgrounds having fun and being included.

As this excellent Noisey piece notes, Harry Styles manages to carry some impressively positive political sway, despite his music being not political at all. There's an uplifting openness captured and catapulted by his unwaveringly loyal fans -- pride and Black Lives Matter flags abound at his gigs. Harry himself is similarly all-inclusive -- whether he's purporting the power of teenage girls, or spearheading one of the most diversely cast pop music videos of the year.

Did we mention the cake and puppies?

Harry Styles