frank ocean wrote the foreword for a24's 'moonlight' book

It features Barry Jenkins' screenplay, photos, and essays by Hilton Als and Carmen Maria Machado.

by Jack Sunnucks
26 September 2019, 7:29pm

On Monday, A24 will release a new set of books that feature photos and screenplays from their most beloved features. Ex Machina, and The Witch are obviously great, but it’s Moonlight that has us most excited. The book’s foreword is written by Frank Ocean, and features essays by Hilton Als and Carmen Maria Machado, alongside the acceptance speeches from the insane Oscar night that awarded the film Best Picture (eventually).

At this point, A24’s merch and giveaways are reaching the same cult status as their films — whether it’s giving away couples therapy to fans of Midsommar, or creating t-shirts for Hereditary and The Witch with tie-dye gurus Online Ceramics (they’ve also done a chic mug for every single one of their films). We look forward to whatever they create for the forthcoming, absolutely insane looking Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler.

Barry Jenkins