inez, vinoodh, and mastered got people to reveal all their innermost desires

The powerhouses of teamwork partnered with i-D to ask creatives worldwide to submit dynamic and powerful pictures on desire.

by Created with Mastered
07 September 2017, 11:52am

Art Direction Elina Kaltiainen & Maiken Staak, Photography Maiken Staak, Styling Alli-Liis Vandel, Make-Up Ellen Walge, Hair Olga KrõLova Pihl, Model Anna Maria Tuisk @ AL Model Management.

Inez and Vinoodh are the most renowned photographer duo in the fashion industry and Mastered is the online platform encouraging creatives worldwide to get thinking, making and of course, creating. Together, they've asked Mastered's class of 2017 to collaborate on the brief 'desire'. To quote Inez, "A fashion image should show you the road to glamour -- a window on a life different to yours. It should represent something you desire and want to be a part of."

This prompt led to over 200 collaborations between make-up, hair, styling, art direction, accessories and photography professionals from across 97 countries. The trick is in the teamwork, something power duo Inez and Vinoodh would know best. "It's this exchange between everyone that makes the image something someone else has never seen before."

This is the second of four creative briefs that Mastered put to their online community taking part in the 10-month course. The first brief on 'the art of looking' was set by iconic French art director Fabien Baron back in April, with i-D choosing 15 of our favourites from an impressive line up of submissions.

We've done the same again this time around and here are a few of our favourites:

Photography Juliet Taylor, Styling Fleur Egan, Hair Graeme Cumming, Makeup Budi Juspandi, Models Sille and Ameleah @ IMG, Hannah @ Priscillas, Meg @ Debut.

Art Director Laura Porras del Puerto, Photographer Alberto G. Puras and Jessica Rodriguez, Styling Laura Porras del Puerto, Hair and Makeup Cristina Libertad, Model Aya Gueye.

Art Direction Caitlin Taffs, Photography John Michael Fulton, Photo Assistant Robert Kozek, Styling Santa Bevacqua, Hair Loui Ferry, Makeup Diane da Silva @ Atelier Management, Models Taylor Bagley @ Photogenics and Adeng @ LA Models.

Art Direction and Photography Domen / van de Velde @ Marge x Artists, Styling Giel Domen, Make-up Yvonne Nusdorfer @ Angelique Hoorn Management, Hair and Headpieces Joeri Rouffa and Joffrey Conings @ Androgyn, Models Anouk T @ Elite Model Management and Kira @ Modelsoffice.

Photography, Art Direction and original art Heidi Tappis, Styling Anna Schilling, Hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department, Makeup Harriet Hadfield @ Opus, Beauty Assistants Lisa Flory and McCall Besten, Models Marli and Richie Hines @ Freedom Models.

Photography Aglaja Brix and Florian Maas,Styling Madelaine DeRose Schäfer, Makeup Gabrielle Theurer, Model Melanie Gaydos.

Photography Kia Hartelius, Styling Liv Kragh, Hair Ayoe Nissen, Makeup Marie Dausell, Model Besa @ Diva Models.

Photography Sonja + Leif, Makeup Linda @ Nina Klein, Model Freddy @ Core.

Photography and Art Direction Christos Karantzolos, Styling Sasha Troschchynska, Hair Menelaos Alevras, Makeup Anna Kurihana, Model You Zhang and Lauren Hall @ VNY Models.

Photography Elisabet Davidsdottir, Hair and Makeup Madison Personette, Model Farrah Cormier @ Elite Models.

Photography and Art Direction Julia Morozova, Styling Erika Barutello, Hair Hamlet Hair, Makeup Gloria Cortigiani. Model Nora Vai @ MP Management. Dress by Greta Boldini.

Art Direction Jeanie Mordukhay, Photography Djeneba Aduayom, Styling Tara Hunt, Make Up Omayma Ramzy, Hair Junie Kang, Models Nadia Llorens @ Wilhelmina LA and Victoria Seng @ Visions LA

Photography Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer, Hair Margarita Khanukaeva, Makeup Karolina Traktina.

Photography and Art Direction Natalia Samoilova, Styling Juliya Verbickaya, Makeup Lubov Rozenfeld, Model Marija Anna @ DANDY Models Management Rigaa

Mastered are now accepting applications for their 2018 intake.

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