Slumber Sessions: Stay Positive

Mr Sandman calls on us once again. This week we wind down do the sounds of Stay Positive as we delve deep into his dreams.

by i-D Team and James Hutchins
11 September 2013, 2:10pm


"I dreamt this dream whilst passed out on the floor of a house party somewhere in south-east London. A few hours from then my Dad was due to pick me up and drive me up to Manchester - where I'd live for at least the next 4 years whilst I attended the Royal Northern College of Music. It was my only ever lucid dream experience.

I was stood on a platform in a huge train station. It had vaulted brick archways. The ceiling was so high it made me nauseous to look at it. The platforms were very long and stretched almost infinitely both in front of and behind me. The station was quiet: most platforms were devoid of people or trains, whilst one or two were occupied by people patiently and silently waiting. I too was waiting patiently and silently. I felt calm.

The train pulled up. It made very little sound - just the hissing of hydraulics and an implication of the turning of very well oiled wheels. It was made almost entirely of glass and the huge curved sheets were supported by a highly polished brass skeleton. It resembled a victorian bathysphere. I realised that I didn't have any bags with me. I was the only person on the platform.

The train was now stopped in front of me. Due to the glass I could see the entire interior of the carriage. It was full but not crowded. Everyone had a seat and every seat was taken. I knew every passenger. I could see friends, teachers and relatives. Most were engaged in light conversation and the atmosphere seemed to be one of excited anticipation - but not in an overtly extrovert way.

The train had no doors and I felt no urge to try to board it.

The interior slowly filled to the very top with water and then, when it was full, the train gradually accelerated away from the platform and out of sight."


Text James Hutchins

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