your halloween faqs, answered by mykki blanco

NYC via LA rapper Mykki Blanco answers your questions on what to wear, where to go and just what is the occasion we know as Halloween...

by Felicity Kinsella
03 November 2014, 2:05pm

Bruno Staub

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween! As Mykki Blanco releases his punk inspired mixtape Gay Dog Food, with cameos from Cakes Da Killa, Katie Got Bandz and Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, we meet the drag rapper to ask the very serious questions that plague our minds on the eve of every All Saints' Day…

Should I dress sexy, scary, sexy and scary, abstract, like a pop culture figure or like an inanimate object?
"The beauty of Halloween is that ANYTHING GOES. Though I do have to say, I think those overtly vulgar costumes where people make stuffed penises that hang out of their crotch are gross and rapey. I think sexy, to be honest, is the surefire way to go if you do intend on getting laid on Halloween. But if you're more into the childlike wonderment of this special, spooky night, then why not go all the way and creep out your newest crush? The real winners are those that can cuddle and snucker and kiss all covered in blood. As far as dressing up like an inanimate object - well that's kinda normcore isn't it?" 

If I want to be iconic, what should I dress up as?
"A ghost. Nothing says slacker chic more than a white satin sheet with two holes for eyes." 

I'm poor and I want to look expensive this Halloween. What can I do to costume myself on a budget?
"The bloody bride look, trust me! Go to a charity shop or thrift store, buy yourself a wedding dress and cover yourself in blood. It's easy, it's cheap and who doesn't look good in a wedding dress?!"

How do I decide which party to go to?
"Deciding on the 'right' Halloween party to go to is easy. You want to completely avoid ANYWHERE with security guards or bouncers. Stick to warehouse parties or house parties, steer clear of anything to do with the general public or nightclub promoters and you'll be right as rain. Halloween in New York is kind of this suburban idea of mayhem for people who specially come into the city to walk around for hours and stare at other people (most tourists) and for New Yorkers themselves it's when you basically hide from these people all night. I haven't had a Halloween in LA yet, I just got here so I'm excited to see what Halloween in Hollyweird has in store."

What makes for a good drag-oween?
"For a glamorous queen I think Halloween is a time to be a bit more demure - seduce all the motley boys in dresses. For some of the more outrageous girls, well, I've known quite a few to not dress up at all as their day look is the real drag!"

I'm from Europe and IDGI, what is Halloween?
"An excuse for American children to go to complete strangers' homes dressed in costumes marketed to them months before by corporations, to fund a conspiracy with the American dental association because dentists are expensive and no one goes except after Halloween because of the cavities given to you from the government! It's also the one day American girls wait for all year, because you can dress really slutty and no one will give you evil Puritan looks."

Why do Americans love getting wasted and dressing up as dead people so much?
"Have you seen what they put in American food?"  



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