Slumber Session: Tei Shi

?Brooklyn based Tei Shi is the creator of hypnotic, irresistible indie future pop. Addicted to her sound, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have her grace the Slumber Session series. This is for those nights in. Get warm, cuddle up, press play and...

by i-D Team
17 April 2014, 1:10pm


"I actually have this really vivid dream from when I was very young that I've never forgotten—I must have been around 6 or 7.
The details have largely faded but I still remember it and the feeling I had when I woke up from it strongly. In it, I was a mermaid swimming around my underwater home and just going about my daily business as a mermaid, as if I was in my natural environment doing my mundane mermaid things. But it was extremely beautiful and vivid and I remember feeling a sense of peace and adventure that has been hard to recreate in real life.

I had my house underwater filled with really cool trinkets and little fishies swam all around me wherever I went (much like in The Little Mermaid, probably the inspiration for this dream heheh). I remember guiding some friends around as if I was giving them a tour of my life under the sea, and I was so proud as I swam under caves and through all sorts of sea life. I would guess that my fascination with mermaids stemmed from this—and in turn, 'mermaid music', which I jokingly have referred to my music as, but has actually turned out to be pretty accurate. So the dream has been in fact a very influential one!"


Text James Hutchins

Tei Shi
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