the all-female skate crews you need to follow on instagram

Female skaters are reclaiming the streets and taking over the world.

by Lula Ososki
16 September 2016, 2:09pm

The female skate scene is on the rise, as girls are (sometimes quite literally) pushing guys out of the way to mark their space in the world of skateboarding. From Lizzie Armanto breaking down the gender bias to 17-year-old skater Josie Millard who featured in i-D's new girl skate video, talented women across the globe are reclaiming the streets and filling the gender gap, making it a subculture more inclusive for all. Here are some of the all-girl skate crews that are killing it on their boards and on Instagram.

Nefarious Skate Crew
London-based "Pizza Appreciation Society" and skate crew, Nefarious, is out to prove that skateboarding doesn't have to be intimidating. Celebrating inclusivity, the group welcomes everyone who's down to try something new with a healthy dose of pizza and beer along the way. More and more girls-only skate nights are popping up in London and Nefarious tries to catch them all, whether it's shredding the bowl at House of Vans or board sliding at Better Extreme. Oh, and did we mention they like pizza?

The Skate Kitchen 
The Skate Kitchen are a group of fearless female skaters that are all about fun, friendship and empowerment. The gang were recently spotted on the subway by The Wolfpack director, Crystal Moselle, who featured them at the centre of a short film for Miu Miu's Women's Tales. 100% squad goals.

Brujas are the Bronx-based feminist crew tearing up the streets and taking down the patriarchy at the same time. For its members, skating goes beyond the board, providing a sense of community, sisterhood, and space for POC skaters in New York. (They also throw mean parties and design dreamy merch).

The Skate Witches
The Skate Witches, described in their Insta-bio as "Zine/Frenz/Fun" is a gang of international girl skaters highlighting the amazing women in skating. Inspired by a cult video titled "Skate Witches" of girls pushing boy-skaters off their boards, the crew is all about #girlpower. Their black and white DIY zine features a range of female skaters of all ages and abilities killing it, and according to Instagram, Zine 6 is one the way.

Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers
This crew is shredding the skate parks of Santa Cruz, CA and making friends along the way. The Lady Lurkers have each other's backs always and love hanging with as a group to encourage and support each other. Their Instagram is filled with videos documenting the insane talent coming out of Santa Cruz, and has clocked up over 12k followers.


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