grimes blames an angry ghost for on-stage electrocution ‘so no one loses their jobs’

Last week, technical difficulties literally sent shockwaves through Grimes’ Dublin performance. She’s since offered a heartfelt and thorough message of clarification.

by Emily Manning
18 March 2016, 5:00pm

While performing a gig in Dublin this earlier this week, Grimes suffered a few technical difficulties during her Olympia Theatre set, including multiple instances of electrocution. Though she finished her Art Angels set in full, malfunctioning audio equipment did cause the synthpop warrior to pause her set in order to troubleshoot the gear's issues. She's since published a thorough statement explaining the incident and apologizing to the venue so that "no one loses their job or gets in trouble for an issue that, as far as I can tell, was outside of everyone's control."

"We've triple checked everything and haven't yet discovered what the issue was," the producer, singer, songwriter, artist, Stella McCartney campaign star, and fully amazing human wrote on Instagram. "The Irish promoters were nothing but lovely and I don't want them to take the blame for something that was most likely on our end. I also want to reiterate that everyone on my team and especially my audio guys did everything they could without stopping the show, but it was some kind of an issue w the vocal channel so even whilst bypassing the pedal I was getting gunshots through the vocal channel into my monitors," she explained. "Perhaps it was an angry ghost."

Honestly, the news here isn't too much of a revelation. As the producer and engineer of all her own work, Grimes has always been vocal about the technical aspects of her music. In a detailed interview with Future Music Magazine, she revealed all the gear she'd used to construct Art Angels' experimental pop sound, which involved teaching herself to play guitar, drums, keys, ukulele, and violin. She's often taken to social media platforms to offer points of clarification when issues like these arise, communicating directly with her fans and friends. More broadly, she just seems like a genuinely thoughtful, responsible, and empathetic person.

Grimes continued to thank her Irish fans for "letting us trouble shoot between songs and for singing me happy bday and being all around jovial." Yesterday, she celebrated her 28th birthday with a pint of non-dairy Ben & Jerry's, and shared tips for which European vegan snacks can be transported on flights. 


Text Emily Manning
Photography Alasdair McLellan
Styling Max Clark
[i-D, The 35th Birthday Issue, No. 337, Summer 2015]