will the vape life ever be cool? nyfw is figuring it out

Could it ever become a fashion staple?

by i-D Staff
05 February 2016, 10:11am

Photography Dan Lecca

The label General Idea have decided to live the #vapelife: whether that lifestyle is naff or not is entirely up to you. During their NYFW autumn/winter presentation, the label paired models' under-eye bags with silver vape pens. 

The collection itself looked a lot like if Jacque Maus' did menswear; which is a good thing. But we're not here to talk about the clothes—and we'd wager General Idea were aware their collection would be superseded by the vape pens anyway. They probably did this for one of three reasons: they either think vaping is cool, or they think vaping is so bizarre that is is ironcally cool—at the very least, plain funny. But the final reason feels the most likely: vape companies are generous sponsors, and General Idea knew the move would garner a slew of write-ups like this one.  

Opening Ceremony got on the vape train last year by gifting their front-row guests with pens, as did Richard Chai. When fresh labels embrace the tool some call a "mouth fedora," it leaves us feeling torn. Is the vape genuinely cool? Is it uncool enough that it could become ironically cool? Is anything 'genuinely cool' anymore? 2016 will decide, if you haven't already. 


Photography Dan Lecca