the viral videos that dissed fashion and got away with it

Spoof Victoria Beckham and laugh at the shit fashion girls say, here's how to make fun of fashion and make sure fashion laughs along too.

by Sarah Raphael
20 March 2015, 1:49pm

We're a sensitive bunch, out here in the fashion industry. Say something the wrong way and you can air-kiss the guest list goodbye. Truthfully, there's only a handful who fit the stereotype, and they're usually not very important. Most people who work in fashion are funny and self-aware and worlds away from the rotating dog beheading reputation that precedes us. If you can't laugh at yourself… what's the end of that sentence? Here's five videos that pointed and laughed at fashion and got away with it.

Being a Dickhead's Cool 
Was this the first time someone took the piss out of east London? Uploaded in 2010, Being a Dickhead's Cool was at least the first time I watched a viral video and recognized people in it. Everyone living in east London at that time, who either wrote or deeply thought about writing a blog, and congregated on London Fields every Saturday that summer to have an urban-family BBQ, watched this and thought "…shit". The film takes street style pictures and lays Dickhead graphics over them to a synth soundtrack that includes the lyrical winners: "loafers with no socks", "I remember when the kids at school would call me names. Now I'm taking over their estate", which rhymes when in context, and "I'm currently running my own magazine and it's all about my balls." The film was created by illustrator and director Reuben Dangoor and rapper and producer Raf Riley (now signed to Diplo's label?!) Maybe this video actually changed the approach to fashion on the internet. It was definitely a turning point in tone.

Shit Fashion Girls Say
In 2012 Patrick Pope, aka P'Trique released Shit Fashion Girls Say, a parody of Shit Girls Say, uploaded by someone else a month before. P'Trique just says the shit that you say whilst wearing a blonde wig - pre-bang edition and post-bang edition. It's funny because it's true, blah blah, and could easily be in the "overheard" columns of fashion week reportage. Highlights include, "oo is this wang?", "she kept calling it Rodart -" and "…fashion turbans but I'm not trying to be political". But you have to say it in the voice with the beard. The fashion industry laughed a lot, and everybody took selfies with P'Trique at fashion week. Harpers Bazaar Editor-at-Large, Derek Blasberg, even featured in one of the part two's. That's how well we took it.

Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness, Fashion Edition
I CAN'T WATCH. Jimmy Kimmel's crew interview flamboyant people hanging around outside New York fashion week, which should tell you everything you need to know. The hangers-on, mostly sweet and all desperate to share opinions about Fashion, start commenting on fashion designers and collections that Jimmy's people have made up. Drinks names, Friends characters; the worst bit is when the interviewees are shown a photo of a poo on a model's head, and asked what they think of the trend, and the worst person in the world goes, "it's called fashion, look it up". I can't watch.

73 Questions with Victoria Beckham Vogue - Spoof
In January, Vogue released 73 Questions with Victoria Beckham, where VB wafts around her new shop in a white coat and answers silly questions quite cleverely. When asked "if your life were a movie what would the title be?" Victoria answers, "The Hunger Games", which is really funny. Ten days later, Holly Burn and Amy Dallmeyer posted a spoof in which Holly wanders around a corner shop in a white coat and answers the same questions. When asked what her favorite item in the shop is, Holly picks up a can of Gilette shaving foam. Even Victoria tweeted the link with "x vb" and a smiling on the inside emoji.

Whispering total bollocks whilst looking intensely through assorted old cameras wearing a fabulously fresh garland, Lizzy Caplan is the best worst kind of fashion person. "Soon I will be starting my own band", she muses, "…with a friend." And then, "I DJ sometimes". The ending of this film is better than any ending of any film. Better than all the great twists - Usual Suspects, SAW, Oldboy, Momento, Fight Club, Sixth Sense - they were small fish. Thanks to Matthew Frost for this. 

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