watch john malkovich impersonate all your favorite david lynch characters

Special Agent Dale Cooper, Frank Booth, and the Log Lady get a Malkovichian makeover for a good cause.

by Hannah Ongley
28 September 2016, 4:16pm

Actor/director/shape-shifter John Malkovich has in the past morphed into characters as disparate as Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, and Marilyn Monroe. His latest dip into the dress-up box is courtesy of an unconventional art project formed in collaboration with fellow madcap movie veteran David Lynch. "Playing Lynch" intends to raise awareness of and funds for the David Lynch Foundation, and basically consists of Malkovich impersonating a bunch of Lynch's best-loved screen legends. Those given Malkovichian makeovers include Dale Cooper and the Log Lady from Twin Peaks, Henry Spencer and the Lady in the Radiator from Eraserhead, the haunting Mystery Man from Lost Highway, Blue Velvet antagonist Frank Booth, and the titular Victorian sideshow act from The Elephant Man. Malkovich also does a pretty great impression of the majestically coiffed Twin Peaks mastermind himself. The project will eventually amount to a 20-minute short film project called Psychogenic Fugue, directed by Sandro Miller and hosted by Squarespace. 

Clicking over to the website allows you too see the full version of Malkovich's turn as Dale Cooper, while unlocking the rest of the bizarre and brilliant series requires a $5 donation to the David Lynch Foundation to promote transcendental meditation as a source for healing. That same $5 will score you a download of the Music of David Lynch album featuring contributions from Sky Ferreira, The Flaming Lips, Jim James, Karen O, and Lynch's go-to score wizard Angelo Badalamenti. 

Watch a trailer for Psychogenic Fugue below. It might almost make you forgive Malkovich for making the most annoying movie of the entire century


Text Hannah Ongley
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