watch young thug discover and fall for the ‘jeffery’ dress

The rapper knew it was meant to be the second he laid eyes on it.

by Amy Campbell
02 September 2016, 6:36pm

When Young Thug released his latest mixtape No, my name is JEFFERY, the dress that appeared on the cover aroused as much discussion as the tape's tracks and the artist's decision to change his name. The lavender-colored ensemble, which Young Thug says reminded him of "Subzero from Mortal Combat," immediately sparked questions: was the rapper undergoing an identity crisis, or was it all just part of his artistic mastery?

In a new video from VFILES, at around the 1:10 mark, we witness the rapper lay eyes on the Alessandro Trincone creation for the first time. It was love at first sight. "My cover, for my album JEFFERY," says the rapper, pointing at the dress with obvious excitement.

Trincone, who only just graduated after studying fashion design in both Italy and Japan, will open Spring 2017 NYFW as part of the VFILES runway show, for which the Atlanta-rapper is a mentor. Mortal Combat memes aside, the footage is proof that for Young Thug, the purple dress and JEFFERY were meant to be.

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