music videos you might've missed over the holidays

Taylor Swift got all 'Evil Dead,' Kendrick impressed us with his acting, and Fiddy attempted to prove just why he's the man with a 10-minute short film.

by Francesca Dunn
06 January 2016, 10:25pm

Have you spent the past couple of weeks cut off from the world devouring your mom's cooking and playing awkward games of Cards Against Humanity? Have you lost touch with what's been going on in the news? Worse still, have you let multiple music videos slide past you and out into the world without even noticing? Time to get caught up! Here's what you missed.

Wiz Khalifa, "King Of Everything"
He can smoke weed when he wants to, smash up his skateboard when he wants to and hell, if he wants to hang out with a lion, he can hang out with a lion. Why? He's the king of everything.

Taylor Swift, "Out Of The Woods"
Still teasing out videos to accompany tracks from the killer 1989 LP, Taylor brings the obviously Jack Antonoff-produced relationship commentary to life with a series of extreme survival scenarios. First bringing back difficult memories of that wolf scene from Beauty In The Beast, Tay-Tay throws herself off a cliff before landing in some thorny Evil Dead style trouble. She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything.

Pusha T ft. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, The Dream - "M.P.A"
Dropping a new video on January 1, Push started his new year with a diet of M.P.A (aka money, pussy and alcohol). Although there's no sign of Kanye in the video, other features A$AP and The Dream also star in the laid back visuals for the J.Cole co-produced track.

50 Cent, "I'm The Man"
Produced by G-Unit films, this 10-minute music video turned bloodbath sees Fiddy try to look big in front of his crew. Unfortunately, being 'the man' seems to involve punching women, scaring children and shooting people in the face.

Skrillex, "Stranger RMX"
Remixed by White Dew and Tennyson, this edit comes complete with bonus vocals. In the video, Sonny "Skrillex" Moore hangs out with school kids in Georgia, sets off fireworks, BMXs, and has a food fight reminiscent of that Hook scene. With 100% of the proceeds from the track going to a selection of international children's charities, this Christmas Day release is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Kendrick Lamar, "God Is Gangsta"
A short that sees the rapper spin the bottle and reflect on his past with passion, Kendrick's seven-minute two-part video left us wanting more. A Jack Berget-directed, alcohol-induced hotel room breakdown complements To Pimp A Butterfly track "U," before things take a turn for the sexy at David Lynch's Silencio club in Paris. "For Sale" soundtracks the PANAMÆRA-directed clip. Look out for the secret messages.

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