watch the first glimpse of lily-rose depp in 'yoga hosers'

Director Kevin Smith dropped the clip ahead of the film’s premiere at Sundance tonight.

by Colin Crummy
24 January 2016, 3:30pm

Lily-Rose Depp makes her proper film debut tonight with the premiere of Yoga Hosers at Sundance film festival. Ahead of that, director Kevin Smith has just released a clip from the film which stars his daughter Harley Quinn Smith and real life friend Lily-Rose as two girls each named Colleen, who have after-school time jobs in their local convenience store.

The clip, set to Terence Trent D'Arby's 1987 wildly catchy song "Wishing Well," shows the two Colleens dealing with two school seniors that come to the counter to invite them to a party. 

Later in the film, that invite is threatened when an ancient evil arises from beneath Canada's crust, forcing the girls to join up with a man hunter from Montreal to defeat the monster. But before all of that, enjoy Kevin Smith's return to his convenience-store roots (Clerks was his debut film), in this fun clip:


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