​kanye west season 3 teased by woman wearing ankle monitor

The collection site has launched with a countdown, and the album could be renamed… again.

by Charlotte Gush
08 February 2016, 4:34pm

Yeezy Supply

"The tramp life chose me, because I have to fuck with the monitor on my ankle tonight." Teasing Kanye West's soon-to-be-revealed Yeezy collection, a woman in ripped jeans and red strappy sandals holds up her leg and pushes up her jeans to reveal a black electronic monitor strapped to her ankle in a video on the Yeezy Supply website. (On the home page, a clock counts down the hours, minutes, and seconds remaining before the Season 3 show and album launch extravaganza at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

With three days to go, Kanye tweeted the link to the collection site along with a heads-up that the album may be renamed again. Having started as "So Help Me God," the record's name was changed to "SWISH" before becoming "Waves." Then Kim Kardashian held a public poll between those three options, with "So Help Me God" storming into the lead with 46 percent of votes. 

It seems the title is still not set in stone, with Kanye tweeting to say that, "There may be a new secret album title." Watch this space.


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