​what to do at your new year’s eve party

According to Grace Neutral, Christopher Kane, Kelela and co.

by Tish Weinstock
31 December 2015, 4:20pm

Theo Wenner

There ain't no party like a New Year's Eve party! To get you in the mood for that one night of the year when you can kiss your crush at midnight and blame it on the free champagne, we asked some of i-D's friends and family all about their weird and wonderful party tricks. Here are the good, the bad and the down right freaky. Happy New Year!

"I can roll my tongue into a funny shape." Arvida Byström, photographer

"I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth. It takes a while and people usually lose interest." India Salvor Menuez, actress/artist

"The worm." Secaina Hudson, musician

"I used to sing songs in my music band." Jacquemus, designer

Photography Sean Thomas, Styling Julia Sarr-Jamois. Adowa wears jumper Fendi skirt Christopher Kane. Earrings Repossi. [The Girls + Boys Issue, No. 322, Pre-Fall 2014]

"Shots!" Tink, musician

"Fitting into tiny cupboards probably!" Grace Neutral, tattoo artist

"Talking to the coat check girl." Lola Kirke, actress

"Making G&T with grapefruit." Christopher Kane, designer

"I make a mean bar of raw chocolate." Misha Hart, model

Photography Alasdair McLellan. Misha wears T-shirt model's own. [The 35th Birthday Issue, No. 337, Summer 2015]  

"I can lick my elbow." Olympia Campbell, model

"I can shut down a dance floor with my two-step twist." Hamish Stack Frew, model

"Getting drunk." Claire Barrow, designer

"The Crane" and rapping the whole of Rapper's Delight with my dad." Ellie Bamber, actress

"I can wiggle my ears." Sai Bennett, actress

"Slipping in and out without being noticed." Craig Roberts, actor

"Getting drunk and smashing plates, because for some reason I think it's a Greek wedding." Binx, model

Photography Alasdair McLellan. Styling Julia Sarr-Jamois. Binx wears Sweatshirt Versace. Jeans vintage Rokit. [The 35th Birthday Issue, No. 337, Summer 2015]  

"I put Tupac on YouTube and smoke opium out of water bottles like it's nothing." Yung Lean, musician

"I do a great impression of Stevie Wonder." Joe Cole, actor

"Snapchat." Shamir Bailey, musician

"Opening beer bottle with my teeth." Shawn Powers, artist/skater

"I wish I had one." Rafferty Law, musician

"People think I'm at a party when I'm not." J.W. Anderson

"Standards." Kelela, musician

"Sleeping." Ashley Williams, designer

"Disappearing." Ellar Coltrane, actor

"Smiling at girls." Novellist, musician

"Origami." Lottie Hayes, model

"The shuffle dance." Jack Wiltshire, footballer

"Tap dancing." Staz Lindes, model

" I can open a bottle with my teeth and I can do the electric slide." Kesewa Aboah, model

Photography Sean Thomas, Styling Julia Sarr-Jamois. Adowa wears jumper Fendi skirt Christopher Kane. Earrings Repossi. [The Girls + Boys Issue, No. 322, Pre-Fall 2014]

"Back flips." Nick Robinson, actor

"Being a really good dancer!" Victoria Young, stylist

"Not suffering form hangovers." Venetia Scott, photographer

"Censored." Val Garland, makeup artist

"I can tie a knot in a cherry stem using only my tongue." Theo Sion, photographer

"I can do a mean lip sync!" Courtney Eaton, actress

"Going there with the right people." Stella Lucia Deopito, model

"You only get to see that at partiers." Calum Chambers, footballer

" I don't go to them." Marley Mackey, musician


Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Theo Wenner
Styling Julia Sarr-Jamois
Tights and socks Topshop. Shoes Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane
[The Music Issue, No. 335, Pre Spring 2015]

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