gosha rubchinskiy debuts adidas and stephen jones collabs at his fall/winter 17 show

The Russian designer sets the world in motion as he transports the fash pack to Kaliningrad for a soccer-themed collection.

by Felix Petty
12 January 2017, 5:43pm

As the Instagram pics roll in from Gosha's Russian homecoming show in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, the instant "Wow, that's amazing" reaction was for the Adidas love-in the designer summoned up.

Following his brand-heavy reimagining of sportswear in Florence last season — where he crafted instantly-iconic looks with Kappa, Fila, and Sergio Tacchini — for fall/winter 17, Gosha reimagined Russian street staple, Adidas. Ahead of next year's World Cup in Russia, Gosha turned to soccer for inspiration, using iconic Adidas football looks to symbolize unity, strength, and teamwork — all in Cyrillic, of course. It's part one of a collaboration that will stretch out over three seasons until the World Cup starts next summer. 

One of i-D's favorite milliners, Stephen Jones, created the headwear for the season — a series of berets in myriad colors. It's a truly international collaboration between England, Germany, and Russia. Gosha's making the beautiful game even more beautiful.

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