​grimes drops experimental new track featuring terrifying and beautiful taiwanese rapper

The Canadian shares another avant-pop banger from her hotly-anticipated 'Art Angels' album.

by Nick Levine
30 October 2015, 5:39pm

Grimes has got us even more hyped for Art Angels by sharing another track from her highly-anticipated new album. Titled Scream, it's a collaboration with Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes that Grimes describes as her first "producer track." As the Canadian avant-pop pioneer explained on Twitter last night, "the terrifying and beautiful Aristophanes is the lead vocalist, and [I] did the screaming." 

Musically, Scream is spikier and more experimental than Flesh without Blood and Life in the Vivid Dream, the two Art Angel tracks that Grimes unveiled earlier this week in a brilliant GIF-ready double-feature video. Here, Aristophanes delivery fiery-sounding Taiwanese rhymes over a snarling guitar riff and tribal beats punctuated by Grimes' demented wails and blasts from what sounds like a military whistle. The album also features Grimes' shimmering electro gem Realiti, a collaboration with Janelle Monae called Venus Fly, and loads of tracks with names that only Grimes could come up with (Kill V. Maim, Laughing and Not Being Normal, World Princess part II). It's shaping up to be her most diverse and surprising work yet, but we'll find out for sure when Art Angels drops on November 6.  

Art Angels