5 studio ghibli videos to stoke your miyazaki obsession

As the Japanese director turns 75 today, fall down the YouTube rabbit hole into Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's most major musical moments and behind the scenes surprises.

by Ryan White
05 January 2016, 8:55pm

1) For anyone unfamiliar with Miyazaki, this video compiling four decades worth of the Japanese director's films is perhaps where your obsession begins. Take an abridged trip into the filmmaker's mind and through his beloved world.

2) This candid clip -- taken from a documentary on the creation of Spirited Away -- shows the inner workings of Studio Ghibli, as Miyazaki makes ramen for his team close to a deadline. Whether or not this is an act of kindness or cruelty seems to have divided commenters: "The portion sizes are intolerable," says @michaelschoemann, while @notcool deems it "like the cutest video ever." Either way, Miyazaki certainly comes across as one chill MF, smoking what the MailOnline would probably dub a 'suspicious looking cigarette.'

3) Much like an ASMR video, this compilation of No-Face -- a semi-transparent spirit capable of only one utterance -- saying "ah" seems to trigger varying responses in people. Some consider this exclamation "sweet" and "calming" while others have labeled it "creepy" and "obscene." This is definitely a video best enjoyed with the subtitles turned on.

4) Miyazaki's signature, celestial world may be most famed for its stunning visuals, but the director always employs music to great effect. This compendium of piano pieces from Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi is bookended by two Spirited Away pieces, and also features tracks from Princess Monoke and My Neighbor Totoro. Make this the soundtrack to your slow Tuesday afternoon.

5) Already listened to 50 minutes of Studio Ghibli piano pieces? Fear not! YouTuber Cat Trumpet has also uploaded a collection of harp music from the director's different films. Your commute home just got a whole lot more ethereal.


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