isamaya ffrench on making-up junya watanabe's mass produced dolls

Popping off Tomihiro Kono's acrylic space helmets, i-D Beauty Editor Isamaya Ffrench talks us through the inspirations behind the out of this world make-up looks she created for Junya Watanabe spring/summer 15.

by i-D Team and Adam Fletcher
02 October 2014, 9:45am

Mitchell Sams

To create the make-up looks for the Junya Watanabe show I was inspired by the precision of industrially produced objects, and the their synthetic material make-up. I imagined them as mass produced dolls who have their features painted systematically on a job line by a series of programmed machines, after hundreds of productions the registration has been become slightly offset and the eyes or lips aren't quite coming out straight anymore. It lends a touch of personality to an otherwise inanimate object. Tomihiro Kono produced over 40 incredible head pieces using clear and coloured acrylics, and my aim was to respond to his use of material use and capture it in the make-up.

For the look: Lips were painted 032 red and sealed with a clear tape to create an asymmetrical expression captured in 2D. Thick, viscid eyelashes were applied on a single eye and then coated with colourful grease paints to create a permanent wink!


Text Isamaya Ffrench
Photography Mitchell Sams
Make-up Isamaya Ffrench and Josh Wilks
Head pieces by Tomihiro Kono
All clothing Junya Watanabe 

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isamaya ffrench
junya watanabe
tomihiro kono