singer shamir launches relationship advice hotline ‘call it off’

When bae becomes an after-thot, dial 1-844-4SHAMIR

by Emily Manning and i-D Staff
22 April 2015, 6:29pm

Before you blast every jam off Shamir Bailey's forthcoming debut album, let 20-year-old singer guide you swiftly through your impending breakup. Today, Shamir launched the "Call It Off" hotline, a dial-in hub for relationship advice without the bullshit runaround you'd get from an episode of Girls.

"Your boyfriend's not texting you back then he's liking every thot's photo? Call it off," the Las Vegas native advises in the hotline's new commercial. Specializing in everything from "sidepiece consultation" and "thirst management" to "girlfriend dresses like a mime" and the classic case of "late period grand funk railroad," there's no doomed union Shamir can't set straight. "I don't know about penetration while sleeping, that sounds problematic." Spoken like a man truly coming for Dr. Ruth's throne.

Dial 1-844-4SHAMIR (UK baes, hit up 0800-193-3266) and you can either leave a message explaining your #woes and Shamir will get back to you with his thots on the subject, or hear a recording of his single "Call it Off," which should do the trick just as well.

Shamir's Ratchet is out May 19 via XL Recordings. Read what he has to say about road trip soundtracks and Orange is the New Black boos here


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