the new new york

i-D crash lands into the Big Apple for fall/winter 19, to celebrate the design teams that injected life back into NYFW.

by i-D Staff
13 March 2019, 2:08pm

Brands like Telfar, Eckhaus Latta, Matthew Adams Dolan, and Gypsy Sport have cemented their place in New York fashion, and have grown from being labelled as emerging brands into becoming globally renowned businesses; as designer Telfar Clemens puts it, "If you do come here and you do hustle, sometimes it really does work out!"

We spotlight the raw energy of New York fashion in 2019, by featuring design talent that have opened doors for younger designers, and inspired recent graduates to carve their own path. Attitude, innovation and inclusivity. This is the new New York.

Eckhaus Latta
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