Photography courtesy of Shrimps

the goddesses walked among us at shrimps autumn/winter 19

Baby’s first fashion show!

by Frankie Dunn
20 February 2019, 2:45pm

Photography courtesy of Shrimps

For autumn/winter 19, Hannah Weiland looked to the heavens, gently ushering the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greek mythology through a Shrimps-shaped portal and out into a subterranean showspace in central London. These were the beings responsible for inspiring so much of art, literature, culture. The original muses. Clearly captivated, History of Art graduate Hannah turned their stories into a stunning collection for Shrimps’ debut show.

As far as backdrops go, the huge-scale watercolour fresco by London artist Ryan Driscoll (who sat front and centre along with Helena Bonham Carter and previous Shrimps collaborator Faye Wei Wei) was divine. Depicting the likes of “Gaea -- Goddess of Earth, Amphitrite -- Goddess of the Sea, Athena -- Goddess of Wisdom and Culture, and Venus -- Goddess of Love,” figures reclined on the rocks, ruling over the seas and skies. They brandished branches, wreaths, tridents, hay bundles and harps, wearing constellation crowns and a whole rainbow of colours. “But how is it so bright?" somebody asked the Camberwell grad on instagram. "Just layer and layer as much paint as you can until there is more pigment than paper," Ryan replied. A similar method taken by Hannah, we imagine, who seemed to layer colours on colours and patterns on patterns to her heart’s content.

Olympia Campbell opened the show in a silky Grecian style dress paired with Converse, eventually closing it in a lacey black see-through number -- her hair up in a crown of braids. She was joined by girls in elegant ankle-skimming tea dresses, some with lace detailing, others with tiny polkadots, checks, abstract floral prints. Colours centred around a palate of “bright orange, banana yellow, soft apricot, peacock blue and gold” -- a real feast for the eyes. There were new shapes, too -- less poofy dresses of childhood dreams, more grown up gowns. But these were practical deities. No heels in sight, looks were dressed down for everyday use with Converse and Dr Martens sandals worn with thick hiking socks.

Of course, all the Shrimps signatures were there too; doodled patterns printed onto faux fur coats and an immense peach fluff cape tied at the front with orange and black ribbons, worn over a black silk sweatsuit. One for celestial weekend wear. Switching out tridents for pearl handbags, the Shrimps goddesses carried them on a giant scale -- large enough for mythical creature companions to ride within, probably -- to the sounds of Siouxsie and the Banshees Dear Prudence. Legends only.

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olympia campbell
autumn/winter 19