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kanye just released details of two new albums

Amongst the oblique contemplations on life and pictures of new Yeezy shoes.

by Ryan White
20 April 2018, 10:54am

Image via Instagram

Kanye! Twitter! Philosophy! Plastic shoes! Unless you work a job that doesn’t require you to scroll mindlessly through the internet all day, you will have noticed Kanye’s back on the scene -- all vociferous tweets and oblique contemplations on life and success. It’s a tried and tested method; yell loudly into the void, drum up a MILLION news pieces about eschewing traditional methods of publishing, and follow up neatly with an announcement of new music. It’s the Hammersmith Flyover adjacent billboard and Radio 1 Breakfast Show guest spot of the modern age (think piece???).

Based on said tweets, we can expect a seven-track album from Kanye on 1 June, and a collaborative project between him and Kid Cudi on 8 June. The former project remains nameless for the time being, while the project between him and Kid Cudi will be released under the group name Kids See Ghost... which feels like an anagram of something, though of what I haven’t yet figured out. Given the painfully protracted release of The Life of Pablo, and repeated renaming (Remember Waves? SWISH? So Help Me God?) these details from Yeezus aren’t to be taken as gospel (lol). But blessed be, content creators and consumers, if history has taught us one thing, expect there to be more news stories where this came from.

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