Photography Mitchell Sams

jeremy scott lifts off

The designer's camp romp through outer space kicks off New York Fashion Week in intergalactic style.

by Jack Sunnucks
08 September 2019, 12:30pm

Photography Mitchell Sams

Jeremy Scott deserves an award for his services to the surreal and campy — who else can so thoroughly mine a theme and put a smile on the faces of both the collected press and his many famous friends and clients? This season's presentation was no different. On the front row, the main attraction was the radiant visage of Erika Jayne, the most radical Housewife and icon of ridiculousness, who watched the looks with intent. On the runway, it was a “neon rock opera,” because what else do you expect. Last season, the designer pondered fake news and the information overload, but this time around he wanted nothing to do with the real world whatsoever, in a glorious collision of glam, New Wave, and maybe Jem and the Holograms?

Towering wigs in neon shades topped each look, which were each a riot of color and metallics. Lily Aldridge looked like she was ready to captain the space ship fabulous in a padded coat dress, while a glittery lycra suit decorated with the planets further drove home the extraterrestrial vibe. Tiger print in neon green and orange gave us major 80s nightclub vibes, especially when mixed with Hawaiian prints perfect for a pool party in Palm Springs. This was best encapsulated in the look worn by Alton Mason, who seemed to have every print on, plus sequins and pink cowboy boots, and topped off with slender white shades. It was the ultimate distillation of Scott’s post-camp vision, a world in which the need for tongue-in-cheek has been conquered by a tidal wave of utter fabulousness. Hawaii in space? Sure, book us a one-way ticket.

Jeremy Scott
NYFW s/s 2020