aries turn new balance on their head for a new collaboration

New Balance? More like Unbalanced!

by Douglas Greenwood
17 October 2019, 8:30am

Courtesy Aries

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

Aries have spent their decade in the fashion world upending luxury streetwear and creating killer collaborations in the process. Having previously linking up with everyone from artist Jeremy Deller to i-D, they’re finally lending their deft hand to New Balance: the big brothers of practical and stylish American sportswear.

In their collaboration, announced today, the London brand, spearheaded by Sofia Prantera, have left their instantly recognisable mark all over NB. It’s inspired by the transitory period in which sportswear was recontextualised into the style sphere in Britain, and is harnessed by its eye catching technicolour palette.

The sneaker line-up consists of two new colourways of New Balance’s iconic Made in England 991 silhouette: one a sprightly mix of oranges and yellows; the other a lightning-bolt blast of neon yellow and green. On the apparel side, Sofia has created sweatsuits emblazoned with the NB and Aries logos, must-have long sleeves and socks, and a line-up of t-shirts that riff on New Balance’s moniker, bearing the word ‘Unbalanced’ instead.


“The term Unbalanced seemed to fit perfectly as an Aries graphic,” Sofia says. “But also as slogan to promote inclusivity and unpredictability and the way sportswear is evolving as the new uniform for everyday life.”

Fancy getting your hands on something? Some things? All of it? Well you can grab the collection on Aries’s website and at their exclusive London pop-up on October 25th, before it launches worldwide and in select stores on October 29th. With prices ranging from £30 to £200, check out everything from the collection below.


This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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