shia labeouf arrested after attacking neo-nazi

New York City cops dragged the actor and artist away from 'He Will Not Divide Us,' his four year long anti-Trump protest piece being live-streamed from New York.

by Felix Petty
26 January 2017, 2:30pm

Launched last Friday to coincide with Trump's Presidential inauguration, He Will Not Divide Us is a live-streamed open-call to any and everyone to repeat the phrase "he will not divide us" into a camera at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. Participants can repeat the phrase as often, and for as long, as they like (Jaden Smith said it for half an hour). Created by Shia and his artistic collaborators Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkkö, it's described as "a show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism." It has has drawn crowds of spectators and celebrities alike.

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Shia himself has been regularly appearing in the live-feed, but not without controversy. Three days ago, he got into a confrontation with a man wearing a Nazi hat. In response, Shia shouted "he will not divide us" at him, as the neo-Nazi tried to hijack the camera while chanting white supremacist slogans. Following a second altercation with a man who shouted "Hitler did nothing wrong," Shia has now been arrested and charged with assault and harassment. The live-stream showed Shia pushing the man away, before grabbing him by the scarf. Later Shia was shown being handcuffed and led away by New York City cops.

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