justin bieber’s new merch is great, but is it too similar to vetements?

With fans seeing double, some are asking where is the line between loving and lifting?

by Wendy Syfret
01 June 2016, 8:15am

(L) Justin Bieber's most recent merchandise, image via Nomad. (R) Vetements' Titanic hoodie, image via @vetements_official

Justin Bieber loves Vetements. Like, maybe a bit too much. No, he's not blowing all his hard earned cash on fashion's favourite collective, rather he can't help but "borrow" inspiration from them. His previous range of merchandise featured several aesthetic shoutouts to the Paris based brand. Now, his latest drop once again has the internet seeing double. The items — created in partnership with Nomad — feature prints, fonts and cuts which all echo a number of Vetements' designs. 

There's a black t-shirt with the word "Staff" on the back, much like Vetements' "Insecurity" tee, while Bieber's "Staff" jacket evokes Vetements' "Polizei" raincoat. The repeat similarities have left some asking: where is the line between loving and lifting?

(L) Justin Bieber's most recent merchandise, image via Nomad. (R) Vetements' Insecurity tee, image via @vetements_official

Given Vetements themselves lifted the "insecurity" tee from the uniform of pretty much every club ever, there's layers to the situation. Both ranges are clearly inspired by classic metal design and play with the idea of how context can transform the most mundane objects into the most desirable. Of course, one could argue that fashion is fuelled by designers referencing each other's work. 

For what it's worth, we doubt Demna Gvasalia is losing any sleep over it all: Vetements' most recent collection included a hoodie carrying the phrase "justin4ever". Plus, he happily embraced those "Vetememes" raincoats — he clearly sees imitation as the sincerest form of flattery.


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