‘states of undress’ discovers fashion’s untold stories and unseen people

Here is everything you need to know about Viceland’s exciting fashion docuseries.

by i-D Staff
17 November 2016, 11:30pm

Host Hailey Gates in Pakistan for Karachi Fashion Week.

This week Viceland launched in New Zealand, bringing with it one of the most exciting new show on TV, STATES OF UNDRESS. Before it premiers on Monday night, we thought we'd take the time to catch you up on everything you need to know about the docuseries.

It looks at the hidden parts of fashion.

There are a lot of fashion documentaries out there, but STATES OF UNDRESS stands apart for recognising untold stories and experiences. They're not only interested in what we're wearing, but why. That means we follow along as they explore unexpected scenes around the world and report on humanitarian issues at the heart of the industry.

In Venezuela we discover the dangerous and extreme lengths people will go to in the quest for perfection.

It challenges stereotypes.

Across the series, we learn about the daily lives and experiences of communities you rarely engage with outside of the news. For example, their coverage of Pakistan highlights the vibrant fashion scene that thrives within some of the country's most religious areas. Host Hailey Gates not only meets progressive designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts but also spends time with a trans hairstylist. They explains how the fashion world provided them a sanctuary to embrace their gender identity.

It's hosted by Hailey Gates.

Before teaming up with VICE the LA native was best known as an actress and model. She had appeared in Ricki and the Flash and fronted campaigns for Miu Miu and Costume National. She's more than a pretty face though: after uni she served as the advertising director for The Paris Review. She still contributes to them out as an an advisory editor.

Viceland producers noticed her and recognised her potential. Explaining her career change to the New York Times she said, "I met with Viceland and decided to do the show on Tuesday… by Friday, I was on a plane to Pakistan."

In China, Hailey visits the designer behind Rihanna's recent Met Gala gown.

It pushes Hailey to the extremes.

Proving she's more than a model with a mic, Hailey intensively investigates her stories and, more than once, puts her body on the line. In China she was literally lit on fire. While in Russia she took a bath in reindeer blood — it's an old school anti ageing treatment.

Catch STATES OF UNDRESS on Monday December 5 at 6.15pm on Viceland New Zealand.


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