promise land’s new track is a frozen memory of his friendship with collaborator jenna putnam

On ‘My Prison’ the musician and photographer attempt to stop time and preserve their relationship behind glass.

by i-D Staff
06 July 2016, 2:45am

Everyone has had a magical night, a perfect dinner, a glittering conversation or a beautiful day where they promise themselves they'll remember this moment forever. Except you never do, that moment becomes muddled by other perfect seconds and they all melt into a pool of happy memories.

When artist and musician Johann Rashid met New York based photographer Jenna Putnam he immediately felt a connection. Describing her as "a familiar face, a lone wolf kindred, wandering her own path and capturing it in her way," he knew their time together would be treasured but eventually fade from memory. "Documenting a time and a place is what I do. Feelings from memories are important to try and capture through music, film and photographs," he explained to i-D. So to preserve the feeling they shared he invited Jenna to collaborate on a track under his moniker Promise Land. The resulting product My Prison is as much a fingerprint of their friendship as it is a great song.



Photo courtesy of Promise Land

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