​kristen wiig gives us the latest rendition of chandelier

The comedian takes on the nude leotard and blonde wig for the best version of the music video yet.

by Sarah Raphael
10 February 2015, 12:54am

It's good to know Kristen Wiig has also spent the last few months prancing around her lounge, backdropping onto the sofa and splaying her arms and legs around in what one can but hope is a purposeful manner. The deadpan Bridesmaids star is the most recent - and most convincing - Maddie Ziegler we've seen yet. Introduced last night at the Grammys by Maddie's Elastic Heart daddy-dancer Shia LaBeouf, Kristen joined the backwards Sia and proper little prodigy Maddie for thenth celebrity rendition of the Chandelier video, originally choreographed by Ryan Heffington.

Following less than perfect spoof imitations by Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Carrey and every person you know who's been drunk in the last few months, Kristen added some real choreography and considered artistry to the it's-never-going-to-get-tired routine. Mastering the "crazy eyes" and staccato, schizophrenic vibe of the choreography, Kristen succeeded where others before her have failed. Despite being a comedy actor, putting a blanket on her head and sticking her tongue out, Kristen managed to deliver a serious and well in-tune performance.

Maddie recently told i-D, "I love the acting and emotion. You're really putting yourself out there when you have emotional characters, but that just shows how far you can take it." It's also worth saying that they look remarkably alike. 

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