performance artist, david hoyle, prophesises the future of religion, politics, and gender definitions

We ask divine David how we can survive on a planet of perpetual war.

by Cliff Joannou
20 April 2015, 1:53am

"Cabaret terrorist" and "avant guardian" are two phrases that I've previously used to describe the sublime and transcendental mind of performance artist David Hoyle. To experience one of his shows is to cast a light onto the darkness of a world that is burdened by austerity yet governed by the blinged-up elite. In a culture that is increasingly connected but emotionally replete, Hoyle invites us to peer into our hearts and minds to see the grim reality of the world, all the while revealing a glimmer of hope in what liberation can bring. With every word he says, Hoyle inspires further, your eyes and mind opened wider. There's an Election on the horizon, and politicians are pandering to us, bartering for our attention. We meet Hoyle in a tiny family run Turkish café on the Kingsland Road in London's Haggerston where we ask his thoughts on some of the biggest topics of the day. His opening salvo to is simple: "You see, Cliff, we live on a planet of perpetual war."

"The power in this country is all in GCHQ, not in the Houses of Parliament. Democracy is an illusion. Politicians are little more than snake oil salesmen. They're very much in the pay of the military industrial complex. They are dehumanised, and have no connection with the human being. That's where David Icke talks about the reptiles that are in control. I see it as a metaphor for how cold and lacking in humanity these people are, so in a way they're not human. We are represented by people who lack all human virtues and qualities."

"What always strikes me is when was the first day they decided to tell their fellow human beings that they were 'royal'? How did they originate that conceit? Did they sit around a table and say, with tongues firmly in their cheeks, "Let's tell them that we're royal and see if the idiots believe it." Sadly, we're told that things that are traditional and have been going on for hundreds of years, are sacrosanct, deserve to be preserved, and not demolished and wiped away like the stain that it is. They are a constant glass ceiling for the development and progress of human beings. The royal family also completely support militarisation. Whenever they get married they do it in uniform, because they are wedded to perpetual war and the armaments trade and mass death. Little children see a royal wedding with the pretty princess with a tiny waist, and this is the poison and cancerous evil that they are exposed to generation after generation at an impressionable age."

"Religion works to support the powers that be. Monarchy and religion are both bogus organisations. If you have one bogus organisation substantiating another bogus organisation, then that is what it's all about and that's how they work together. You only have to look at Russia to see how politics and the Orthodox Church work together to substantiate each other's evil. I believe in spirituality, I don't believe in religion. There's a massive difference. Religious people are usually blindly obedient and frightened of their own potential. A spiritual person wants to develop and grow, and hopefully reach some sort of synthesis with infinity and beyond."

"We are here to learn and until we get it right we have to keep coming back. I regard this planet as a prison planet. I'd like to come back as a breeze and just go through people's hair."

"It's all control. If you've got external genital organs then you must say, do and act in this way. And if you've got a vagina then you must say and do something else. Yes, we might have different genitals and biology, but I don't think it's so different that we can't relate to one another. We need to unite now and work out who our true enemy is, which is the 1% that rules this planet. If I could get them in a room, I'd leave them to starve. Hopefully, they'd start to cannibalise and, hopefully, they would learn humility in their death throes that might help them in their reincarnation. Anybody who believes in a cast system or a highly segregated society is pure evil. There's no natural hierarchy to how human beings should live, it's been imposed on us."

"All of us are free citizens of the world. Countries are constructed, they're not natural. There should be no borders, no boundaries. This planet belongs to all of us. We've all got a right to live on this planet, so we should be able to move around freely."

"We should all be aware of it, as well as of American influence in the EU. That's why we joined, because America wanted Britain to be in the EU. Charles de Gaulle didn't want Britain to be in the EU, or the EEC as it was then. I think it's important to watch them because it's become increasingly militarised. I think NATO is a very suspicious organisation. I think they are trying to provoke Russia into a war. We have to be aware of what's said in the press because when they say 'pro-Russian rebels' they are actually Russian people. You have to watch the wording."

"Well, that's the evil Empire. It's a police state. It's beyond Stalinist, really. It hides behind its moral code. The constitution of America has been tinkered with since the founding fathers founded the USA. At the moment I'm researching what happened post-1871, with war debts, and the involvement of the Rothschild organisation. These are very wealthy people that lurk like bacteria where we can't see them."

"I think it's great, but the examples we've had so far haven't been very good examples. I think to be a communist it has to come from inside you; you can't impose it on people, because that's totalitarianism. I still believe in Communism, I think it's the ideal way to live. But because so many of us are chronically under-educated and don't have access to information or empowerment, and the hierarchical society is so hard for us to truly liberate ourselves from, it's hard to come up with a more egalitarian society."

"You wonder if it's sustainable. This is the joy of being LGBT - we're not having children. We're not an endangered species. We're not like the giant panda. I'd find it very difficult to bring a child onto this planet because the idea that I'd have to explain to it that I've brought it onto a planet of perpetual war, I'd find it very difficult. I think it's a very cruel thing to do unless you are massively wealthy, because then you're basically bringing them into a world of enslavement where they will have to constantly work, pay bills, live with all that stress. I think it's best avoided."

"That's down to us and whether or not we want to believe in love, and whether we want to radiate love, and propagate love, and promote it. If we feel we can go into the future without love, we're doomed. If we can go into the future with love, then I think it will set us free and we'll be less inclined to keep labelling each other. We can only ever be a human being. We're all going to die - this is the amazing thing that we've all got in common. So, no matter what your genitals look like, or who your parents told you that you are, all these lies, this poison… love can eradicate the evil. It can help us to start anew, and be born again, and to be pure, and to love one another, and not be judging, and give one another a chance."



Text Cliff Joannou
Photography Holly Revell

performance artist
David Hoyle