i-D cover star ​rihanna’s new track hits the radio

Scott Mills played Towards The Sun, the first solo song from her upcoming album, twice on his Radio 1 show today.

by Stuart Brumfitt
24 February 2015, 11:58pm

Following on from her i-D cover, a big Hollywood birthday bash for her 27th (thrown by rumoured loverboy Leonardo Di Caprio) and a track with Kanye and Paul McCartney, Rihanna is now releasing her latest solo track, Towards The Sun, which is said to be the lead song on the upcoming Home movie soundtrack (and potentially her next album too). In the anthemic number, she sings "Turn your face towards the sun/Let the shadows fall behind you" to a marching drum beat, then admits she's been burned in her love life (and that it's not worth her soul). It's redemptive in style, and following on from the tender FourFiveSeconds, it makes us wonder: are we to expect a softer, more spiritual whole album from Riri, or are the waist-winding Rude Boy numbers just waiting in the wings?

Listen here


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