aphex twin's mysterious new website is finally here

And it features streamable, previously unreleased music.

by Hannah Ongley
20 July 2017, 9:31pm

It wasn't Waiting for Frank Ocean, but Aphex Twin fans were still a tad vexed when the mysterious countdown website he launched in June started slowing down as it neared its July 6 deadline. One Aphex enthusiast even devised a graph to trace the clock's attempts to bend the passage of time. Others assumed Richard D. James was just trolling, which wasn't unreasonable considering he once closed out a DJ set by dropping a microphone into a blender. But James has been getting slightly less mysterious in recent months, and after a bit of confusion, the website is finally here. It was worth the wait.

In addition to an online store stocked with t-shirts and vinyl, there's a whole archive of streamable rare and previously unreleased material. This includes WAVs of the surprise, limited-edition records James dropped during his brain-melting headline set at Field Day festival in London last month. (It sold out almost immediately and hit Discogs for over $500.) The site also features stuff from James's aliases AFX, Polygon Window, GAK, and The Tuss, and promises that all material on his Rephlex label "will be going up here in due course+xtras." Keep your eyes peeled.


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