the soundtrack to your weekend ft. justice, burial and loyle carner

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by i-D Staff
03 December 2016, 1:21am

Joey Fourr, Uhmericka

From the Big Church to the Big River and out to the Shining Sea, Joey Fourr delivers a song for everyone who woke up on 9 November and thought "Uh". Released via the ever dependable Fierce Panda, which should give you an inkling as to how it sounds, it is a jaded ode to the fate of the great United States - one that is entwined in the fate of us all.

Justice, Fire

We've said it before and we'll say it again; Susan Sarandon would make the ultimate road trip buddy. After helping them do up their old motor, she joins the Grammy Award-winning French duo for a joyride through her local wind farm with their new record probably blaring from the speakers. The stuff dreams are made of.

AJ Tracey, Pasta

You can take the boy out of London… One from his Lil Tracey EP that drops today, Pasta sees young Alex decked in Off-White as he and Dave throw a pool party with their mates... before making pasta. JME took to Twitter the other day to recommend we all play it at, "FULL FUCKING VOLUME."

Tove Lo, True Disaster

Another part of Tove Lo's Lemonade-esque Fairy Dust video here, the visual accompaniment to her recently released Lady Wood album. Featuring crashed cars, gasoline and more flames than an episode of London's Burning, we've absolutely no idea what's going on but we like it.

Keep Dancing Inc, Alright

These handsome young Parisians are self-proclaimed nice guys making what they like to call 'cold zouk' music and we like to call pretty good. As they prepare to bring their New Order-inspired sound to London's Sebright Arms this Sunday 4 December, this tune certainly has us interested. Oh ouais.

Low, Some Hearts (at Christmas Time)

We don't really know what came over us with this one, readers, but there's something about it being December and cold outside and possibly needing an extra sugar in our tea that left us with it on repeat yesterday afternoon. "To friends who have moved away and friends who have passed on this year," say the band. "To one and all, especially those who are alone, we wish you a Merry Christmas and new hope for the new year. May we all find ways to lift each other." Alright, alright, we're not crying, there's just something in our eye….

Laura Marling, Soothing

The ever reliable Laura Marling turns her hand to directing in support of her new single Soothing. "I was having a lot of vivid dreams, the process of digging up the unconscious side of the brain has lots of juicy nuggets in it," she told It's Nice That in an interview. "I'm really interested in analysis, so that probably contributed to it like a self-perpetuating thing." You're not wrong, Marlo. Freud would have a field day with this one.

Shinamo Moki ft. Meuko! Meuko!, Artificial Beach (Howie Lee Remix)

Well, this one's intense. Out on Japanese label Maltine Records, the London-based duo called on their buddy Meuko Meuko from Taiwan to provide the otherworldly vocals and pal Howie from Beijing to give it this terrifically twisted rework. Fun! Keep your eyes peeled for the translated lyrics.

Burial, Young Death / Nightmarket

"I will always be there for you," opens the first release we've heard from Burial in a long while, as it drifts into the sort of ambient magic we've come to expect from him. The Young Death/Nightmarket EP is out on Hyperdub and is v cinematic, in fact, somebody should probably hook him up with whoever's doing the sound for the Blade Runner remake. At just 13 minutes long, it's small but perfectly formed.

Madijuwon, Hold Up ft. Lordapex

Hold up! This is a great collaboration with great artwork right here. Lyon producer Madijuwon and young London talent Apex teamed up on this nice little number about not drinking, fucking up his converse in the mosh pit, and girl troubles. Oh and they brought synths.

Loyle Carner, The Isle of Arran

"A lot of my boys haven't had the best relationships with their pops," said South London's Loyle Carner, "but it's getting to the point where some of them are becoming fathers themselves. With this video, I just wanted to celebrate the ones who are doing right and sticking around, because slowly they're shedding the stereotype." Named after the island where he spent time with his Grandad in his childhood, the track's old school sample and LC's wise words will surely be a highlight of his debut album, Yesterday's Gone, due for release on 20 January. Poetry.


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