watch jared leto give an encore performance as the joker in skrillex's new music video

What next? A Grimes video featuring Margot Robbie? We hope so.

by Isabelle Hellyer
08 August 2016, 4:05am

While the reviews for Suicide Squad have been coming in pretty mixed, there's one thing that's certifiably excellent: the movie's soundtrack. Grimes contributed the seductive electronic Medieval Warfare, Kevin Gates recorded Know Better, and Kehlani offered ride or die love song Gangsta

Skrillex and Rick Ross also teamed up for Purple Lamborghini - the title a reference to the Joker's ride of choice. The video dropped over the weekend, and it's a wild ride. Incredibly, Jared Leto himself appears, accompanying Skrillex and Rick Ross around Miami on nefarious errands. They ride around in low riders, saunter through a strip club, and Skrilly even attempts a little bit of parkour. There's also a very brief cameo from Miami nightclub mogul Dave Grutman - perhaps a suggestion of who the Joker's real life allies could be. If Leto's character started a club, it would certainly never be dull. 

The video has fans excited - many felt the Joker didn't get enough Suicide Squad screentime, so are hyped to see him again. Purple Lambourghini certainly raises one big question: are the film's characters going to keep appearing in the soundtrack's music videos? If so, we're a little more than pleased. Imagine if Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn joined Grimes in a video.


Screenshot from Purple Lamborghini

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