you need to listen to this beyoncé and jay z mash up album right now

Stop everything and listen to this.

by Georgie Wright
15 June 2017, 2:12pm

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Calling it now: 2017 music has peaked. This is it, this is everything, this is the pinnacle of music for the year, this is aural zenith. There is literally nothing on this planet except maybe the reincarnation of our lord and grace David Bowie that could top this:

Beyoncé. Jay Z. Together.


A whole album.

Some absolute genius has gone and meshed up Beyoncé's exquisite songs with Jay Z's almost as exquisite songs — a whole eight times. Yes, that's right, there are now eight actual songs that perfectly capture the harmonious pairing that is Beyoncé and Jay Z. It's the closest thing to a musical orgasm you'll ever have.

I don't want to ruin the listening process for you by spoiling which song is meshed with which, but I can tell you that I am playing it for about the 29th time right now and every time a new song comes I spasm in ecstasy and disbelief.

The guy we should all bow down to for creating this masterpiece works under the moniker amorphous, and after some deep rooting around on the information superhighway I have discovered that not only has he mashed up Mrs. and Mr. Carter, he has also created the following holy matrimonies: 

  • Beyoncé x Missy Elliot x Kelis — "Work It Milkshake Girl"
  • Whitney Houston x Rihanna — "How Will I Kiss It Better"
  • Beyoncé x Childish Gambino — "Redbone On The Sun"
  • TLC x Fifth Harmony — "Creep In My Head"

Also, Birthyoncé may be happening at this exact very minute so yeah, I guess it's an okay day for the couple, isn't it?


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