études studio's new fashion universe

We talk influences and inspiration with the French streetwear brand in a world of their own.

by Tess Lochanski
10 February 2016, 10:55pm

Études Studio is no ordinary fashion label. Founded in 2012 by Jérémie Egry and Aurélien Arbet, two childhood friends, Études is part publishing company, part fashion brand, part creative collective. In four short years they've developed an army of fans, drawn in by their daring silhouettes, star spangled sweatshirts, bright colours, and their trademark blue. Without really meaning too, their serene, profound and extremely graphic vision of fashion has become an integral part of French fashion's new wave of streetwear labels, and the city's new creative attitude. We met them a few days before their autumn/winter 16 show, at their studio in Paris' to discuss, their fashion universe, why streetwear is still relevant and the politics of what you wear.

How did you two meet?
Jérémie: We come from the same part of France. We met when we were 16. We used to live in the same neighbourhood and do graffiti together.

Have you always collaborated?
Aurélien: We had separate lives but we always collaborated together, we've shared a common evolution. Then in 2000, we started our first concrete project together and launched a streetwear brand. We were young people with ideas who wanted to create things together.

Aside from designing clothes, you wanted to create a whole visual world, right?
Aurélien: That visual world came first. But little by little we carved our own path through fashion, visiting various factories and learning about the craft.
Jérémie: Fashion is a medium more than anything. We wanted to create our visual universe first, before focusing on the designs themselves. Études Studio is really the culmination of all our ideas, not just fashion and clothes.

Do you think "streetwear" still means something today?
Aurélien: Yes. Our vision of streetstyle is more simple and straightforward than it used to be. We are the kids of the streetwear generation. We were born with it. The rise of streetwear marked our youth. Naturally, we are inspired by that era. So yes, we're completely at ease with the word streetwea, it's what the people around us wear.

What is your definition of streetwear?
Jérémie: It's about how we perceive it, how we want to make it evolve, how we anchor it within an era. We could say "contemporary streetwear" but is it really necessary?
Aurélien: We live in big cities, we look at how people dress and we design clothes for them. For us, it is still super relevant.

How would you describe your overall aesthetic?
Aurélien: For Études Studio, we wanted to bring lots of different elements together, so coherence has been our major focus. We wanted a clean and uncluttered graphic message to make our aesthetic identity: typography, numbering, the colour blue… all those elements form our signature…
Jérémie: I'd simply say engaged, minimal and graphic.

Is there a message you want to convey through Études?
Aurélien: Our political stand is quite symbolic. The prism through which we create isn't about that though. We want to allude to a certain lifestyle, a curiosity and a new form of engagement. You can be engaged in a different way through researching, reading books or seeing art. We want our project to be a driving force for people. We want too do things in a contemporary way, in keeping with our times, to advocate creativity and fuel people's curiosity.

Is fashion something you've always been aware of?
Aurélien: The omnipresence of fashion is very important to us. When people wear our creations, it is not only about functionality, they also wear a message. This message is about artistic curiosity and about creation as an artistic process. Fashion and clothing are a great medium through which to deliver such values.
Jérémie: Our clothes are a reflection of our time and a statement about our era.

Why did you choose Paris as your base?
Jérémie: We wanted to plant our roots in a specific place and Paris was the city where we all converged. We weren't born in Paris but we have always been drawn to it.

Would you describe your brand as intrinsically French?
Jérémie: Yes, definitely! Our DNA is 100% French. You can always differentiate an English silhouette from a French one, but the difference is getting more and more subtle now.

What are you most proud of?
Aurléien: Opening our space. For us, it is like a new project within our global one. We're also proud of being able to work with such inspiring people. We've create a synergy, a real enterprise. Seeing our project exist and grow is something we are very proud of.

There is an amazing energy happening in Paris right now, do you agree ?
Jérémie: Yes totally! It is getting more and more obvious everyday.Aurélien: Paris is opening up like never before. We are super happy to be part of this new movement.


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