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by Lynette Nylander
20 March 2017, 9:22pm

Marques'Almeida's interactive website
Always leaders and never followers - Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida have unveiled their spring/summer 17 campaign this morning by way of a bespoke website that unveils their signature "M'A girls," shot by Marta herself and Marques'Almeida brand director Rita Tavares. The site is a celebration of everything we have come to love from Marques'Almeida, clashing colours, floral prints and girls with a real, positive energy. Designed by Ohlman Consorti, art director at Vogue Paris, Marta said of the site to BOF, "The whole thing came from talking about what feels relevant and what kind of traditional things we need to leave behind. We wanted people to get involved rather than just a campaign that you are a spectator of in a magazine." Check out the bespoke site here.

Frank Ocean x Chanel?
When Frank released an impromptu track last weekend, we were all immediately hooked. It is Frank at his finest, all airy vocals and metaphorical lyrics. Entitled Chanel, Frank Ocean talks about seeing both sides, like the brand's iconic logo. While everyone just thought it was a Frank-ism, it seems it might be a part of something a lot bigger. Chanel responded with an Instagram post saying they too see both sides, but like Frank. While no one quite knows that that actually means, we imagine it might have something to do with their No5 fragrance. Either way we haven't been so excited since we were waiting for Blonde.

Saint Laurent campaign film
Saint Laurent are all about bringing the glam-rock life and a new campaign film shows the brand is showing no sign of letting up. The new film by Nathalie Canguilhem has its models all moodily gazing deep into the lens, while illuminated with a neon blue light and frolicking around a metal scaffolding construction. Why? We don't need to know, it's FASH-UN dahlin'!

Jil Sander designer quietly departs
Jil Sander's Rodolfo Paglialunga said goodbye to the brand after three years at its helm, it was confirmed this past week. The designer, who took over after the brand's namesake left the company is now said to be a front runner for a number of different design positions, and said of his time, "It was a great pleasure to collaborate with everyone in Jil Sander and to give my contribution in the brand's history and legacy." Another major move in the creative director musical chairs.

J.W.Anderson curates a show at the Hepworth gallery
After a private viewing of the show that saw London fashion's glitterati decamp to West Yorkshire, J.W.Anderson's show opened to the public this weekend. The designer and Loewe creative director curated a selection of sculpture, art and garments from the likes of Louise Bourgeois and Barbara Hepworth as well as Christian Dior and Issey Miyake. Take our word for it, get a ticket and GO!


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