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Seven things you need to know about the label that gives good advice and makes even better clothes.

by Isabelle Hellyer
28 June 2017, 5:52am

In fashion, basics are really anything but. They are not particularly easy to create, nor, as anyone can attest, are they easy to find. At some point or another, one will invariably spend too much time sifting through racks of virtually indistinguishable garments, attempting to find the thing that's just right. While playing sartorial Goldilocks, every simple element of a garment suddenly becomes doubly important. The success of a white t-shirt, for example, hinges on rather minute details: the exact shortness of a short sleeve, or the weight of the fabric.

Of course, if you can find them, brilliant basics economise and invigorate dressing. We were delighted to discover Matin, who are doing basics very well. Design duo Lucy and Michelle create reliable suiting and delicious paper-thin white tees, all with a decidedly Parisian influence. Their designs are easy: simple to co-ordinate with this or that, quick to pick up of the floor, throw on and run out the door. It's power dressing for the more relaxed Australian woman. Here, Lucy and Michelle offer us some insights into their ambitions, as we spend a morning getting ready in Matin.

On keeping things in the family...
"The best thing that comes from working with family is mutual understanding and appreciation of all things. Common values and goals. A shared sense of creating something special for people to engage with and be a part of."

On the Matin woman...
"She is free spirited and grounded. She is happy and comfortable in her own skin. Style is a sixth sense. Age is no object. It's about how she feels not what she does. What she does doesn't define her. She has that je ne sais quoi."

On the benefits of an seaside studio...
"Working by the ocean offers constant perspective and grounding. It would be impossible for that sense of grounding to not naturally become a part of the designs or photos or art, or whatever it might be you are creating."

On Francophilia...
"The French fashion influence was really being drawn to that combination of strong and confident women with a minimalistic, graceful approach. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillon and Jane Birkin all master that perfect balance between masculine suiting and feminine elegant dressing. Francoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Tautou, Lea Seydoux, Vanessa Paradis, and Charlotte Rampling all possess an unparalleled confidence and elegance: the way they hold themselves is incredibly inspiring. French films we love: Amelie, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, Breathless, Jules And Jim, Contempt. Stylistically beautiful to watch with that unique French quirk."

On words to live by...
"When you think you know everything you will feel smart but when you understand you know nothing you will become wise "

On favourite songs....
"Current MATIN Playlist: Chuck Berry, You Never Can Tell; Etta James, At Last The Band; Graham Nash, Better Days; PJ HARVEY, This Mess We're In; Ryan Adams, Welcome To New York; The Rolling Stones, Angie; The Clash, Should I Stay or Should I Go; Josh Rennie Hynes, Where Do I Go; Simon & Garfunkel, The Sound of Silence."


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