premiere: fortunes make laundry sexy in '501s' video

The Aussie duo shares the visual for its latest soul-inflected single: a stop off at Suds Express, the steamiest laundromat we’ve ever seen.

by Emily Manning
12 December 2016, 4:15pm

New Yorkers: if you've already dragged yourself out of bed on this blisteringly cold morning, undertaken an archeological dig in your apartment for quarters, and hauled 26 pounds of sweaters to your corner laundromat, you might not want to watch this brand new video from Melbourne's Fortunes — it will upset you.

The sexy, sudsy visual for the eclectic Melbourne duo's newest track "501s" — a funk-soaked ode to Levis' finest — takes place in Suds Express. It boasts some of Brooklyn laundromats' charms: a broken TV, chips all over the ground, and malfunctioning air conditioning. But Suds is full of the good-looking people we always miss when separating our undies, especially the dog-walking boy who strips down to wash the song's titular 501s. Set to the duo's raspy vocals and neo-soul melodies, it's exactly the escape we need while washing up.

As Fortunes shares its trippy update on a classic Levis commercial, we speak with the guys to find out more about hot boys, tight jeans, and how they do laundry down under.

Let's start with the track. What first inspired you to write about cute bois in nice jeans?
Well one day, I was crossing the street by work and I got real para for a second and thought my fly was down. I thought of this silly rhyme in my head to do with flies, but it didn't make the final lyrics. Also one time, me and this guy were checking each other out on the train, like so much eye contact. I was like, 'can't deal' and put my glasses on and he was just losing it coz they matched my outfit so perfect. We actually did end up getting off at the same stop and then he was all talking to me in the station, hehehe, but he had a boyfriend.

Walk us through the video. Why a laundromat?
For the video, we were looking back at a lot of vintage denim ad campaigns for inspiration — mostly print ads and iconic photos from all different brands as visual references. But we stumbled across this old commercial that was actually for 501s in the process. We thought it was awesome — pretty silly, but cool/hot at the same time. And it felt right with the song. So we decided to base the music video around the plot in the ad: laundromat, eclectic characters, hot guy in jeans strips down. Our director, Nima Nabili Rad, fleshed that out into the full video, adding new characters and some surreal elements in the mix which are awesome. We wanted to keep the vibe hot, heavy, sweaty, and stoned.

Tell us about your favorite pair of jeans.
My favorite ones are probably these ratty, tattered ones I got from the opshop [Australian thrift store]. I was trying to do DIY on them and cut the bottoms, but then I rolled them up just one and they've stayed like that. I don't even think they look that good on me, but they might be my faves. I was thinking I wasn't getting a job because all my clothes were too crazy, so I got rid of so much amazing stuff. Although, tomorrow I am planning on culling over half over my wardrobe and coming for you, Recycle Boutique!



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