We spoke to club kids around the country about why partying is so important in many queer lives, and how we can work together to make it better.

by i-D Staff
17 November 2016, 2:03am

What do you do?
Sleep, design, sleep, work, more sleep.

What does the "perfect night out" look like for you?
It starts with a look, meeting up for some drinks slash nibbles and heading to the function to support whatever creative endeavour/event my friends are hosting — and heaps of photos obv!

Why is the club such an important haven for gender diverse and queer kids?
A lot of the time going to the club is a queer youth's first experience with aspects of LGBTQ+ culture and members of the community. It gives them the opportunity to find and experiment with their identity, it's where they are free (to some extent) to express themselves in ways society doesn't allow.

How does the club foster style, culture and community?
The kids can support and collaborate with each other on projects and events which they dictate outside the constraints of the cis-het world, creating their own trends and traditions!

How do lock out laws, clubbing restrictions, and a police presence tarnish the connection and acceptance found in after-dark communities?
I think it comes down to the constant scrutiny and monitoring of queer culture and cultures involving people of colour, by white cis-het governments. It ends up leaving the community with the fear to show up as themselves in the spaces they fought so hard to create. The blatant queerphobia and transphobia from these authorities doesn't help.


Photography Jonno Revanche

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