​food on film, making us hungry

With our mind fixed firmly on the pies, we sifted through years of on-screen munchies to find this selection of star baker-worthy wonders. Bon appetite!

by Francesca Dunn
11 September 2015, 12:34am

Marie Antoinette's candy crush
Kirsten Dunst and Rose Byrne have a princess party in this completely dreamy saccharine scene from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Between rounds of mother of pearl poker and dressing up sessions, they drink champagne, cuddle puppies and eat a lifetimes worth of Ladurée. With towers of pretty pastel macaroons, petits fours and full-on gateaux piled high with fresh cream, the French revolution never looked so good. Let them eat cake!

Pulp Fiction's imaginary blueberry pancakes
Butch's adorable French girlfriend Fabienne, dressed only in a white t-shirt, plans her breakfast and gets our tummies rumbling hard. "I'm gonna order a big plate of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, eggs over easy, and five sausages," she tells her boo. "To drink, a tall glass or orange juice and a black cup of coffee. After that, I'm going to have a slice of pie." Pie? For breakfast? Bit much love. "Any time of the day is a good time for pie. Blueberry pie to go with the pancakes. And on top, a thin slice of melted cheese." We're not sure about that last bit but are more than willing to give it a try, for her. Though we never actually see the food, the build-up is always enough to get us going.

Bruce Bogtrotter's chocolate cake in Matilda
In everyone's favourite childhood magic movie, Matilda looks on as the vicious sneak-thief that swiped a slice of Miss Trunchbull's personal snack is reprimanded in front of the entire school. While it's hard for him to remember a specific cake, surely Bruce recognises the most scrumptious cake in the entire world?! The rich, dark, giant chocolate dream on a plate that he's forced to consume the entirety of? Seems like the kind of cake we'd remember. Though to be honest, the reveal that, "Cooky's sweat and blood went into that cake" left our childhood selves disturbed and confused… (does she mean literally or figuratively?) Shout out to whoever put Rihanna's Birthday Cake over this scene. You can do it, Brucey!

The coffee and cherry pie in Twin Peaks
With the news that there's a Twin Peaks themed café popping up in London, we couldn't not mention the show's cherry pie with accompanying damn fine cup of coffee. With not a soggy bottom in sight, it's their signature bake and the series basically revolves around the stuff. Just writing this makes us crave a slice of incredible cherry pie with vanilla ice cream on the side and a piece of paper and pencil, because we plan on writing an epic poem about this gorgeous pie.

Amélie's crème brûlée
As well as shoving her hand into bags of grains, sweet little Amélie loves nothing more than cracking the golden caramelised top of crème brûlées. We like to imagine that she does it not only to her own, but crème brûléesbelonging to strangers too, hurrying through restaurants tap-cracking away and giggling to herself. That four second shot in the best film Audrey Tautou ever made is incredibly satisfying. How we wish Mary Berry and the male judge had played up to the camera with a spoon-by-face close up before they bashed in the ramekins of burnt cream in the other week's technical challenge.

The awkward strudel from Inglourious Basterds
Scared that he might remember her from that time he mascaraed her entire family on their dairy farm, Shosanna regrettably joins Col. Hans Lander for a couple of delicious looking strudels topped with a dollop of whipped cream and an espresso for him, a glass of milk for her. Stuff always tastes better when it's served with fancy cutlery and a side of deep-rooted terror.

Mendl's Coutesan au Chocolat from The Grand Budapest Hotel
Interspersed with a handy how-to guide that makes us feel like we might actually be capable of creating something this beautiful, these scenes from The Grand Budapest Hotel are perfect. Mendls is the Ladurée of the Wes Anderson world and these are so good that not even miserable prison guards have the heart to search and destroy them. When's your birthday? Maybe we'll turn up on your doorstep with a poor attempt at heaven…. maybe.

Everything in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
"Don't get over-excited," Johnny Depp's Willy Wonker knowingly tells the golden ticket winners as he leads them into his world. The melted chocolate river, candy cane trees and marshmallow mushrooms make for a real showstopper. Just be sure to pace yourself.

The green jelly in Jurassic Park
Tim and Lex have been through a lot (mostly dinosaurs and electrocution) when they return to JPHQ and stumble upon the abandoned buffet lunch. Beautifully arranged breads and cakes reassure them - as these things often do - that everything is going to be okay. Nom, nom, nom, they munch their little hearts out until, what's this? Lex's bright green jelly is awfully wobbly today. Could it be a special recipe? Nope, it's a bloody raptor behind you.

The lone cupcake in Bridesmaids
It's a tough fact of life that baking when you've pissed your friends off and feel like your life is doomed to continue its downward spiral will usually result in comfort eating the entirety of your bake. Perhaps this is why Kristen Wiig's Annie just makes one of these beautifully crafted cupcakes. Putting whole lot of effort into her solitary creation, we are impressed with both her dedication to the cause and her beautiful icing work. Star baker!


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