petra collins and selena gomez made a surreal short film

Petra teased the art house horror project on Instagram’s new video platform, IGTV.

by i-D Team
21 June 2018, 10:46am

Image from Instagram

Frequent collaborators and IRL friends Selena Gomez and Petra Collins are captivating our Instagram feeds again, this time by sharing snippets of a short film they’ve made. Petra teased stills and a small clip of the film, titled A Love Story, on her feed and pointed followers towards IGTV for more videos.

The excerpts we’ve seen of Love Story so far paint a fairly surreal picture of the film that looks like an art house horror. One scene sees Selena in a bathtub playing and posing with a creepy mask-like prosthetic face. In another she’s sitting on the floor surrounded by birthday cakes while she shaves her leg with a knife and cake frosting instead of a razor and foam. A third memorable image features Selena rolling an eyeball around in her mouth — a scene reminiscent of her Fetish video that was also directed by Petra.

At the moment it’s unclear whether we’ll get to see a full-length cut of the short film, but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on IGTV — Instagram’s latest venture. The extension and standalone app is a new long form video platform, with IGTV users able to upload videos that run for up to 10 minutes (10 times your Instagram feed’s one minute video limit) and creators with big audiences (celebrities, publishers, etc) able to make 60 minute videos.

If you can’t find IGTV, don’t freak out just yet as not all users have access and it’s still rolling out globally.

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