paloma elsesser on her latest campaign: "being fat isn't ugly or shameful"

The model has shot in the nude for the first time to prove "being fat isn't a burden."

by Isabelle Hellyer
15 September 2017, 7:46am

via Instagram/@palomija

Paloma Elsesser is watching over New York's Spring St, her image stretched three stories tall on Glossier's latest billboard. The model says she's proud of the photograph, but in a lengthy Instagram post, she also details experiencing a great deal of anxiety going into the revealing shoot.

"Look, I've never done nude before," the model wrote. "I cried 3 times before this shoot. I cried because I still feel scared, paralysed by insecurity at times, and exhausted by an unfettered vulnerability that I want to present to the world."

"As I paced the upstairs bathroom of @springstudios I chanted to myself 'this isn't for you Paloma. this isn't about you. get out of your ego. be of service' over and over until the anxiety subsided." The model was moved to shoot in the nude for the first time "to show that being fat isn't a burden," and prove that "being fat isn't ugly or shameful."

The body positivity activist recently starred alongside Grimes, Hari Nef, Hanne Gaby Odiele, and many more powerful women in Harley Wier's film for Planned Parenthood. Last year, she led a Nike campaign. You can read Paloma's full Glossier post here.

Below, meet the body positivity pioneer through i-D's lens.

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