Agnès Varda and a new side to Hawai’i: what i-D loved this week

Your guide to the best pieces you might have missed.

by Douglas Greenwood
24 September 2021, 12:45pm

Hugo Huerta Marin/Maxime La

_In i-D Loves, we look back upon the last seven days in our calendar and pinpoint the pieces that best represent the current moment. No matter what you're in the mood for this weekend — from TikTok’s Brit aesthetic to Highly Sensitive People — we've got you covered. Here's what i-D loved this week.

TikTok’s in love with Britain’s no-culture culture

When you’re stuck within the confines of a mundane country, it's hard to establish exactly what its ‘culture’ is. In the case of Britain, it’s not the rolling countryside and music scene we’re letting the world pay attention to, but the more mundane things. TikTok’s focus is on Britishcore -- think bus stops, road signs, off-licences, CCTV cameras and out of town shopping centres. Bailey Slater explores our new fascination with it here.

Polaroids of great women who make great art

Hugo Huerta Marin has made a book about conversations, and the women he’s had them with. All of them artists, from the likes of the late Agnès Varda to the game changing FKA Twigs, after each conversation he took a polaroid. Here, Abigail Glasgow speaks to Hugo about the project, while also showing us some of the polaroids that made the cut.

Photos of 1970s musical icons taken pre-fame

We fantasise about legends of the music industry and what they must have been like before their names, faces and artistic output became inescapable. Pierre René-Worms knows what that’s like. Widely seen as underground music photography’s biggest talent in France during that era, he had a knack for picking out as-yet unascended stars and capturing them for the coolest music magazines of the day. Think Grace Jones, The Cure and Debbie Harry. Read Pierre’s interview and see his work here.

Are you a highly sensitive person?

Anyone who has been streaming The White Lotus will know the power of the highly sensitive person. Not to be confused with an empath, it’s the person whose character traits give them an acute understanding of life’s subtleties, and responsive to the nuances of smell, taste and touch, and, apparently, have a “rich inner life”. But does such a person actually exist, or is this just another example of a TV show bucking a strange trend? James Greig finds out here.

How you see Hawai’i isn’t the whole picture

If you live outside of Hawai’i, chances are you have an idea of what life on the island is like: idyllic, care-free and beautiful. But while the tourist-swarmed shores uphold that image, the reality of growing up and making a living there is totally different. Here, photographer Maxime La spends time on the island capturing some of its residents, while writer Eunica Escalante tells the story of the Hawai’i she knows. Read her story and see those pictures here.

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